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Vocational and social training for troubled youth

35% of youth between the ages of 15 and 19 drop out of the school system in Lebanon.
Their motivation is drowned by financial as well as domestic difficulties coupled with a lack of emphasis on the value of education, rendering any hope for a better future almost impossible. They drag on from day to day without education, training or jobs.
Some slip down the path of delinquency, theft, alcoholism and drug abuse. Most are forced to enter the labor market early to support themselves and their families. They are at a significant disadvantage due to their lack of training and ignorance of their rights and disadvantageous work conditions.
The vicious cycle of inequality becomes difficult to break.

Vocational training: an alternative
Mouvement Social intervenes on behalf of these young men and women to improve their chances of success and social reintegration. They are gathered in homogeneous groups and offered social as well as vocational training that is adapted to their needs, educational level and needs of the job market.
The youths refine their acquired practical skills by participating in tailored work experiences at nearby firms that collaborate with their respective MSL centers.

Social and humane education
Through a program of social and humane education, youths are introduced to their social and political rights. They learn to present and express themselves correctly and with confidence. This represents an essential milestone in their journey towards reintegration.

Cooperation with municipalities
Since 2002, MSL has launched a program to support small enterprises in partnership with the various Lebanese municipalities. This project aims to improve the major local economic sectors so that they can accommodate the youth that have been rehabilitated by the MSL.

A better future
Through 30 sessions of professional training yearly, MSL helps around 500 youths become qualified to enter the work force. 65% maintained a durable and properly remunerated job. These youth have been granted a chance to build a better future for themselves.

All over the Lebanese territory
MSL offers its professional and social training programs in its various centers, set up all over the Lebanese territory: Akkar, Borj Hammoud, Ghobeiry, Jnah, Nabatieh, Roumieh Prison, Saida, Sin el Fil, Tripoli, Zahle.