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Around School : Education & Activities

Access to Education
Mouvement Social has several social development centers in the outskirts of Beirut. Two of them are in Jnah & Sin El Fil.

In Jnah, Mouvement Social intervenes in a spontaneous settlement. Thousands of inhabitants live there not provided by any public support service. Mouvement Social is the only organization in the settlement that offers an educational program.
Mouvement Social’s center in Sin el Fil was founded to meet displaced families’ needs who fled violent conflicts. Year after year, Mouvement Social kept on supporting different families who came to the Lebanese Capital with no means to integrate their environment.

Nowadays, both our centers, target children who live in this difficult environment, to offer them an educational and social support as well as counseling and give them access to entertaining activities.

Educational Support: for a better school success
Every afternoon, both our centers host children aged between 7 and 18 years old. This time is dedicated to help children assimilate educational concepts that have not been totally acquired at school. In order to prevent school dropout, our team assists students with their homework as well. Children can also follow remedial lessons during summer vacation.

Kindergarten : First steps towards school
Located in the heart of the Jnah settlement, Mouvement Social’s preschool offers a space for education and development to children aged between 4 and 6 years old. Children follow classes in French and Arabic reference to the Lebanese curriculum.

The Kindergarten is a place that prepares children for first grade. It’s a nice place to spend their mornings, to interact with their peers at a snack break, to celebrate their birthdays, and to develop basic skills and social behavior.
Literacy session for child laborers: a right to those who are out of school 
Three times per week, Our Sin el Fil’s center’s team offers literacy sessions to child laborers. Educators use a psycholinguistic approach, which is an effective way to help children read and write. The sessions enable them as well to grasp basic arithmetic. Mouvement Social offers a personal follow-up to those children who were obliged to work at an early age, and who could be subject to much exploitation.

Entertainment : after-school activities
Mouvement Social’s center at Jnah and Sin el Fil offer many cultural and recreational activities that improve the development and socialization of children. Outings, artistic workshops, sports, day camps…are all means to help children express themselves freely and give free rein to their creativity.