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Because a fair and humane society can exist,
Because we have the right to participate in the improvement of our society, and we believe that change is possible.
Because lebanese youth don’t always find the space to express themselves and take action.


“Mouvement Social”…
Is a meeting point where young people from different lebanese regions come together to debate social issues, and to actively participate in the social and economic development of their country.

Volunteering is a powerful force for social solidarity and change, both for those who volunteer and for the wider community, especially the most poor.


The values we share

- Secularism

- Take action without discrimination

- For the development of all and each member of the society

- To adopt the politics of non-violent action as a force of change to solve the conflicts and to establish a sustainable peace.

- We work for the implementation of the Human Rights declaration's principles:

- Free and equal

- No distinction of any kind shall be made

- All are equal before the law

- Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression

- Right to work and social protections

- Right to education

- Right to live, to be free, to be safe


Act for change…

Due to the development programs Mouvement Social is implementing, we’re being able to work for and with the underprivileged sections of Lebanese population, in order to improve their chances to better their life by giving them access to education and work.

Through workshops, we share our knowledge, we get informed and we acquire the necessary skills to defend social causes.

 Through awareness campaigns, we spread the concepts of social justice, equality, development and we call for the acknowledgement and take action in order to implement the social and economical rights.


The Major causes supported by Mouvement Social's volunteers




Being a volunteer at "Mouvement Social" is an opportunity to meet young people from all over Lebanon, it's an opportunity to be informed, to attend workshops that will allow you to call for social rights and to act for development, as we head towards a fair and humane society.

Do you want to become a volunteer at "Mouvement Social"?

Contact us at the following numbers:

01-390335, 01-381879

Or e-mail us: