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School Integration project
A step to prevent dropout problem

"It's too difficult for me to understand…I failed…I don't want to go to school anymore…I'll just drop out …" This is how many young students feel about school. They give up on education and on the opportunity it can give them to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment.

Poverty and social difficulties are not only results of children dropping out of school, but also major factors that increase the rates of drop outs. This issue has been put under scrutiny by Mouvement Social. Based on the recommendations of a study it published in 2006, Mouvement Social decided to implement a new educational support program.

Because Education is worth all our efforts…
Since January 2007, the project is implemented in 16 public schools. Mouvement Social's team comprises educators, psychologists and social workers. They collaborate with school staff in order to promote education and prevent children from dropping out of school. Today, Mouvement Social continues the action in 8 public schools.

Three times a week, children meet after school to benefit from this educational program. The educators go over the lessons, give council… They guide the pupils through the academic year in coordination with their school teachers. This allows a more accurate assessment of students’ strengths and weaknesses.

"Educational Support is only one facet of the project…"

If educational support is the core of this program, it is only one facet of the project. Indeed, this project includes other activities that strengthen children's integration in school, such as:

The Citizenship Club:
It is created in every school to develop active citizenship at an early age. Children are taught the meaning of democracy, citizenship and public interest… By the end of the year the children come up with a project they believe will improve life in their school or in their neighborhood. They are supported by Mouvement Social's team in implementing this project.

Mouvement Social attempts to include not only professionals but also parents and peers in its effort to support children facing difficulties in school through:

Parents' Committees
Mouvement Social supports the election and initiatives of parents’ committees. Its aim is to raise awareness of the importance of parents’ monitoring and participation in the school’s major programs and activities.

The Support and Orientation unit:
Within each school, this unit provides social and psychological follow up.
Information is also given on careers, universities and trainings in order for every child to set educational and professional goals and work progressively towards them.

This program has been launched since January 2007. It is a step forward to support every child’s right to education and to promote equality in Lebanese society.