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Young Offenders
150 young offenders, aged between 14 and 18 years old, are there, locked behind the walls of Roumieh prison, isolated from the world…

Why are they in prison?
These young men live in difficult circumstances. Most of their families are broken; they are affected by poverty, unemployment, resignation, violence…Most of those young offenders are illiterate and lack professional skills. They have low self esteem and consider disobeying the law as a challenge or a way to escape their reality.

What does Mouvement Social do?
In order to face this destitution, Mouvement Social transforms prison sentence into a rehabilitation time. The association’s team supports those minors and gives them a chance to improve and change. In its workshops situated in prison, Mouvement Social helps young offenders regain their self esteem and develop professional skills through vocational training and social follow-up. These trainings will give them a better chance to reintegrate society and improve their living conditions.

Rehabilitation & Vocational Training
Vocational training offered by Mouvement Social focuses on practical applications of skills. Young offenders can learn about woodwork and leather crafting, as well as hairdressing, computers maintenance and assembly…art crafts produced by young offenders are sold to “L’artisan du Liban” and in multiple exhibitions. The money yield is given to prisoners to help them meet their needs and improve their detention conditions.

Social Follow-up
Social workers, counselors, vocational trainers and volunteers work as a team to provide young offenders with the support they need.

Education: Many of those young men are drop outs and need educational support to follow the vocational trainings. They benefit from computer trainings (Word, Powerpoint), or language learning (English) as well as developing their personal project management skills.
Knowledge and interaction: Everyday, young offenders follow citizenship sessions animated by specialists. These sessions include trainings about conflict resolution, labor and penal code, drug addiction, health, remand law. They get to meet many of their peers, handicapped or ex-drug fiends on many occasions to share their experiences.

Psychological Follow-up: Counseling sessions provided by specialists help young offenders make their own decisions and assume their responsibilities.

Entertainment: Mouvement Social organizes several entertaining activities in prison as part of the rehabilitation process such as: drawing courses, handicrafts making…

Reintegrating society
Prison sentence is considered as a transition phase, after which young men will come out of prison with better skills to improve their life conditions and to succeed their social and economic integration.
After prison, Mouvement Social offers ex-prisoners a social follow-up, counseling and legal advice. The association’s team helps them find a job or pursue their education in order to prevent recidivism.

Awareness Raising
Mouvement Social raises society’s awareness through many discussions and trainings on the right of ex-prisoners to rehabilitate, these sessions help create a better environment for their social integration.

Community Service
Mouvement Social offers as well a follow-up to young offenders who are sentenced to community service as an alternative to imprisonment.
These young people are not alone; we give them all the needed support to help them reach a better future.