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Community service is a measure stipulated by the Protection of Juveniles law, issued in 2004- Act No 422. Reference to this law, and in harmony with its commitment to children’s rights among which preventing stigmatization of the juvenile, Mouvement Social offers support to young offenders, who have been ordered by the court to serve sentences in the community. Since February 2006, the association has been implementing this project in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Bekaa & North.

Action oriented approach

Community service engages young offenders in a wide range of tasks, designed to put something positive back into the local community or into an authorized institution through unpaid activities.  Social workers at Mouvement Social ensure that offenders have a lower chance of re-offending by performing checkups during the rehabilitation process. They agree on a referral order contract with the young person in the presence of different stakeholders. Furthermore, social workers liaise with the authorized institution that will host the young offender. During the rehabilitation process, Mouvement Social offers counseling to juveniles and regularly evaluates their work. They provide reports relevant to the young offenders’ case and service to the court.

Cooperation and awareness
Mouvement Social’s team visits many organizations and institutions all year through, to raise awareness about community service. The association encourages different stakeholders to work together for the benefit of the juveniles. A network of NGO’s and institutions was initiated by Mouvement Social to offer juveniles a place where they can serve their sentences.