Jnah, Sultan Ibrahim District, Kataya-Noun Carpentry Intersection

Phone: +961 1 823 312 - +961 70 109 385


Email: c.ghobeyri@mouvementsocial.org

Jnah center is one of our first locations in Beirut. It was opened back in 1976 when the region saw the influx of many families fleeing the conflict zones, in addition to others who came from the very poor Bekaa villages, and then even more individuals and families who were displaced from the occupied villages of South Lebanon.
The region is also host to refugees from various nationalities, many without official identification documents. Jnah area suffers from deliberate neglect, with notable weaknesses in the housing quality and the infrastructure, such as the sewage systems, roads, and water networks.
The area’s residents are served by our center with educational programs such as adult and youth literacy, protection programs, vocational training programs for children (12-17 years), mental health programs, a dispensary with various medical services, and recreational activities.

Head of Center: Imane Ajami.

The first Social Enterprise in Lebanon