Our programs and activities revolve around 2 main axes: The Volunteers and on-the-ground Actions addressed to the most vulnerable.
They are the heart of the Mouvement Social.
We see in them the future leaders of Lebanon, the agents of change for more social justice.

Our mandate is to enroll the biggest number possible of volunteers, train them to become active citizens and equip them with the gears to face life challenges and make a difference in their communities.
We believe that through these empowered youth volunteers, our society will reach development from within, taking full charge of its own destiny.

 “The objective of the Mouvement Social is to rally young people who want to commit to social action, train them, ideologically and practically, so that they could contribute to solving the social problems of the country”.
First lines of Mouvement Social By-Laws - published in January 1961

This volunteering spirit has grown like a snowball at Mouvement Social. Groups and clubs were constituted, generations of volunteers have spread throughout the country, readily available to act.
A lot has been done with and for our volunteers, and the action goes on.


  • “Shabake" Initiative
This initiative aims at empowering affected youths, in order to strengthen the resilience of the Lebanese civil society and improve crisis prevention and management.
Through Shabake, our Volunteers have been organizing, leading and executing educational activities, summer camps and support for vulnerable children, social surveys, and development work of various sorts.
  • “Safir" Initiative
Safir supports young volunteer project-leaders by providing them with well-tailored trainings covering professional topics of interest such as SDG’s and advocacy.
This nurtures their knowledge and strengthens their abilities to conceive, carry out and advocate for their own youth-led initiatives.

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We believe that all citizens – including social workers and volunteers – must take in charge their own development, and consequently that of the whole country.
Our work is:
  1. Non-Discriminatory - We engage with all people regardless of their religion, belief, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. They all have the right to the same social, cultural, and economic chances.
  2. Non-Partisan, Non-Political - We engage with all groups including all political parties as we only lean towards the rights of the most vulnerable.
  3. Engaging - We work with people as independent equal individuals, aiming at reaching collaborative change, through an inclusive approach.
  4. Non-Violent - We adopt democratic and peaceful approaches for change, conflict resolution and justice.
  5. Evolving - We adapt to changing realities while acting strategically and scientifically, to ensure sustainability and long-term impact.
  6. Non-Individualistic - We provide equal acting space for all; including volunteers, social workers, employees and board members. We enable them to invest their potential, increase their creativity and nurture their sense of belonging, playing more active and engaged roles in society.
  7. Open and Transparent - We share resources, projects and plans with all our constituency, within a trustworthy, ethical and accountable environment.
Mouvement Social speaks through real, tangible actions that support and empower the most vulnerable. Along our history, we have been active in almost all and any fields that have an effect on the development of the human being.

Our current actions aim at ensuring the respect of basic human rights foundations, they are focused on four pillars:

Actions that ensure the right for protection, for children suffering from the worst forms of child labor, and their families.

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Programs that warrant the right for education - supporting the schooling of unprivileged children and youth.

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Activities and systems that accompany convicted juveniles and women prisoners.

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Programs that help unprivileged youth and women acquire technical qualifications and find job opportunities, and others that support MSMEs and production units.

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The first Social Enterprise in Lebanon