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“Psychosocial support to vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese juveniles in conflict with the law...

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Supported by Mouvement Social, this project aims to provide psycho-social and professional...

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Success Story

Shadia, 27 years old, known as detainee BK13, was first imprisoned for drug dealing. While her life was already a nightmare, detention had that heavy shock-effect that wiped off any remaining trust in herself or her future.

We started a close follow-up on Shadia, building bridges for trust and helping her cope with her situation. Then we drew up together her life plan, and started implementing it through small tasks that added meaning to her detainee life, encouraging her to participate in all our activities.

With time, her drug addiction was treated and she acquired many social skills related to communication, decision-making, and future goals planning.

This is just a typical case... Teaching technical skills to these individuals is perhaps the easiest part. The challenge is to help them acquire the ability to overcome their fears, their despair, their inability to communicate or to even see any future ahead.
The first Social Enterprise in Lebanon