Jnah Kindergarten

Jnah, Sultan Ibrahim District, Kataya-Noun Carpentry Intersection

Phone: +961 1 823 314 - +961 70 118 450


Email: c.ecolejnah@mouvementsocial.org.

Our Jnah Kindergarten was founded in 1989, to answer the need to reintegrate a high number of dropout children into the educational system, within the lack of schools in the neighborhood and the high presence of refugees from various nationalities.
Mouvement Social set up kindergarten classes for toddlers and transitional courses for children with educational needs.
We also reached out to homeless street children through the local community channels, inviting them to use our premises as a safe shelter while also offering them school enrollment courses.

Head of Jnah Kindergarten: Hadil El Zein.

The first Social Enterprise in Lebanon